In recent years, the technology has smartly changed the way we lead our daily lives. Inverters are standalone equipments which are generally used for applications such as solar power or to work as a backup power supply from batteries which are charged independently. An inverter converts the direct current (solar energy) to an alternative current that is the main electricity which is supplied to our homes from the power stations. An AC power requires higher voltage to perform, normally at 220 volts which is relatively higher amount of power than DC can supply. On this basis, the power which is produced by DC producing devices has to be made available to most of our regularly used appliances. For this particular purpose Orizen brings you the best inverters and inverter batteries to do the job.

BACK UP POWERinvbackup


  • Micro controller based design
  • Free Pre-loaded battery management software.
  • SMD Technology for reliable and compact design
  • Battery charging commences even at as low as 120 Volt Mains voltage
  • Auto holiday mode preserves battery charge while you are away from home
  • Intelligent thermal management
  • Visual Indicators: Mains On, UPS On, Switch Status, Smart Charge, Overload/ Short Circuit Trip, Charger Fuse Blown, Battery Low
  • Trip and No Load Shutdown
  • Audio Alarms: Mains Fail, Fuse Fail, Battery Low Pre-alarm, Overload Trip, Battery Low Trip and No Load Shutdown Ensures faster battery charging
  • Advanced battery management, which enhances battery life up to 70%
  • Negligible battery-water lossahs
  • Intelligent continuous charging profile adjustment
  • Overload with Auto Reset
  • Battery Deep Discharge Protection with Reset Option
  • Ultra-Fast Short Circuit Protection
  • Battery Reverse Polarity Protection



Available in 800 VA, 1400 VA, 2500 VA, 6000 VA, 10000 VA


15 KVA – 100 KVA