Ever since the invention of batteries, the influence it has in our daily lifestyle is highly exemplary. Batteries are chiefly electrochemical cells with external connections which are meant to power numerous electrical devices such as flashlights, smartphones and electric cars.

Types of Battery used in Forklift Truck with Advantages

Orizen Group is the leading distributor of batteries in South Africa offering quality and reduced total cost of ownership batteries which is based on advanced motive power technology exclusively for industrial and commercial purposes.

FIAMM energy technology offers motive power energy plus and motive power water less batteries which are utilized in small forklifts or Class-3 trucks with low carbon emission in industrial applications. EnerSys, the manufacturers of ironclad batteries and NexSys batteries are designed to offer more surface area with its smart and quick charging quality thus having a longer lifespan.

For commercial usage, Orizen Group is also into Golf Car batteries, UPS batteries and Inverters & inverter batteries distribution. These commercial batteries are designed in a manner to install easily and operate safely.

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