Industrial Batteries


Orizen group is into distribution of quality Industrial Batteries in South Africa since last 17 years. Industrial Batteries supplied by Orizen Group are designed for 1500 to 1800 life cycles at 80% DOD (depth of discharge).

Orizen is the best choice to maximize productivity, increase your overall forklift fleet efficiency and reduce total cost of ownership. 

Fiamm Motive Power energy plus:

Orizen Group as the exclusive distributer of Fiamm Batteries in South Africa offers an unmatched perfection with robust power, performance, durability and reliability in various industrial applications. With a motto of keeping you in motion, wherever and whenever, Orizen Group is committed to offer the finest power solutions for every type of industrial moving applications, be it the forklift, or the industrial trucks or any other floor moving requirements. With exclusive franchise from Enersys, Orizen Group offers a tough competition in the industrial battery segments with brands like Fiamm, NexSys and Iron Clad.

Fiamm Motive Power Water Less Batteries:

Fiamm Motive Power Water Less – Flexible With Low Labor Costs
When it is about batteries, every industry thinks in terms of high power efficiency with low maintenance and labor costs. In normal truck batteries, topping up water is a major concern as it needs regular check-up, topping-up and regular maintenance. These maintenances are vital for expanding life-expectancy of the batteries, which results in cost optimization. Fiamm Motive Power Water Less batteries bring in advanced technology with less water requirement further reducing top-up cycle.

Ironclad Batteries:

EnerSys Ironclad Batteries – The most efficient Tubular Batteries with Improved Lifespan
EnerSys is one of the oldest manufacturers of Ironclad batteries for the industrial forklifts. With its typical square tubular design, volumetrically this battery reserves more power than conventional batteries and offer higher average voltage for forklift applications. This means quicker lifting, quicker moving and higher speed than any other conventional batteries. Ironclad batteries also come with the highest ampere-hour (AH) capacity in its segment and offer more effective power for industrial usages.

NexSys Batteries:

NexSys– The Thin Plate Pure Lead Batteries for Sophisticated Performance
NexSys Motive Power from EnerSys is one of the most dynamic pure lead batteries available in the market, today. Launched in November 2017, these batteries have transformed into a series of performance up-gradation that made NexSys one of the most trusted and Zero Maintenance batteries of the current era. To some significant extent, NexSys batteries have transformed the way of operation of truck fleets with its signature technology of fast charging, opportunity charging, depth of discharge, zero battery change (ZBC) and absolutely no maintenance.